2022 October

7 Tips on Coping With the Loss of Your Family Glue

No one can ever truly prepare you for the death of a loved one. It’s a loss that’s impossible to fathom and one that will forever change your life. But when that loved one is the “glue” that held your family together, their death can be especially devastating. The family glue is the person who…

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Funeral Options to Choose from for a Cremated Loved One

Our time in this world is limited, so we must make the most of it and live a happy and fulfilling life. When our time comes, we will be bothering our loved ones for a final time because they will be grieving the wake must also be arranged. While most people choose to be buried,…

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Essential Things You Should Know Before Scattering Ashes

When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to consider is what to do with their ashes. However, scattering their ashes can be a beautiful and intimate way to remember them. There are many ways to scatter ashes; the best way is the one that feels right for you. You can scatter…

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5 Important Reasons To Have a Viewing Before Cremation

Losing someone you love is never, ever easy. It is a tough and grueling moment of your life, filled with sadness, regret, and even anger. That’s why it is so vital for a person to undergo the proper process of grief, as to ensure that by the end of it all, the person can move…

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