Is It Possible to Hold a Viewing Before Cremation?

Cremation has indeed become an increasingly popular choice for those who wish to plan their own funerals or for those who wish to pre-plan their funerals. There are many reasons why cremation may be the best choice for you or your loved one.  Cremation services are typically less expensive than a traditional funeral. It is…

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The Various Types of Urns and Their Different Features

When you are in the process of choosing a cremation urn, it is important to keep in mind the personality and style of the deceased. Once you have chosen the perfect urn, you can begin to fill it with the ashes of your loved one. There are many different materials that urns can be made…

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5 Common Reasons Why People Opt for Direct Cremation

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone involved. Some people feel that a funeral is the only appropriate way to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, while others would instead not associate their loved one’s memorial with the pain of losing them. In recent years, there…

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The Different Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One’s Ashes

It’s vital to explore all your options if you’re thinking of getting cremation services, whether it’s for you or a loved one. The phrase “final disposition” refers to the last resting location of the body. Choosing a permanent resting location for a person’s body is crucial, regardless of your options.  The body is decently buried…

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Direct Cremation: Is it the Best Choice for You Today?

You and your spouse (or significant other) are contemplating how you want your body and remains handled when you pass. You’ve clearly thought about this for some time and have decided that you want a direct cremation, but are still struggling with whether it’s a good idea. And this is because it can be a…

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FEMA Funeral Funding for Victims of COVID-19

With Deaths from COVID-19 increasing well past the One Million mark, many families and next of kin are wondering how they will cover Funeral Expenses. Funeral Expenses are often unexpected and with families across the nation suffering from the pandemic, money in the home is already stretched thin. In an article recently published on ABC…

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What is Direct Cremation?

Many ask us what is direct cremation? “Direct cremation” is the funeral industry verbiage for direct disposition without any services. It is also referred to as a simple cremation or a direct disposition. Learn Learn More Direct cremation is an option where the body is cremated days immediately after death once all the required legal…

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What is a pre-need funeral plan?

Many ask us is a pre-need funeral plan? A pre-need funeral plan is a funeral, or cremation, arrangement made months or years in advance.

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What is a Veterans Burial Benefit?

Many ask us what is a Veterans Burial Benefit?   Being veteran owned and operated, we are proud to honor the men and women who have served for this great nation. Those Veterans who are entitled to benefits are available only to them, and their immediate family. As a result, Los Angeles burial benefits are available…

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