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What is direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable end-of-life option where the cremation takes place days immediately following the passing, without any services taking place prior to.

Often referred to as a “direct cremation” or “basic cremation”, we call a Simple Cremation.

Our simple cremation package only contains what you need without any hidden cost.

Traditional funeral homes charge thousands of dollars for a simple direct cremation. We offer the same option at an affordable price in one simple plan.

Keep in mind, direct cremation does not preclude a memorial service. As an alternative, you can plan a memorial after the cremation with the urn present.

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Everything you need in one package...

Family Care

Service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Preparing all necessary paperwork and registering state/county documents.

Cremation Counselor

Coordinating with a certified counselor or a licensed funeral director.


Private and carefully monitored by a licensed operator.

Transfer & Shelter

24/7 transfer into our care and sheltering prior to cremation.

In-Person Delivery

Ashes and the Death Certificates personally delivered locally.
All state/county fees and taxes included

What to Expect

Ashes to Ashes Corporation Process

Step 1

1-2 Days

Contact Us

Our service representatives are available 24/7 to help with arrangements.

Call us at (323) 644-3323 or email us below.

Step 2

1-2 Days


As soon as your loved one is in our care, a counselor will contact you to help prepare all the necessary paperwork for the next-of-kin to sign.

Forms need to be completed and signed before cremation can take place.

Step 3

3-5 Days


Before cremation can be scheduled, a death certificate and a disposition permit must be filed.

Although we do our best to file in a timely manner, please keep in mind we are at the mercy of the attending physician and county registrar.

Step 4

1-2 Days


As soon as the required documents have been signed and the death certificate/permit is registered, we’ll be able to proceed with the cremation.

Cremation is private and carefully monitored individually.

Step 5

4-5 Days

In-Person Delivery

The ashes are ready 24 hours after the cremation and the certified copies of the death certificate are ready 3 days after the cremation.

Your counselor will contact you to make an appointment to personally deliver both the ashes and the death certificates.

Domestic shipping is also available if you are not local to our offices.