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Direct Cremation

Often referred to as a "direct cremation" or "basic cremation", we call a Simple Cremation.

Our simple cremation package only contains what you need without any hidden cost.

Traditional funeral homes charge thousands of dollars for a basic and simple direct cremation. We offer the same cremation at an affordable price in one simple plan.

Keep in mind, direct cremation does not preclude a memorial service. As an alternative, you are able to plan a memorial after the cremation with the urn present.


Where your loved one passed determines
who you will need to contact first:

If your loved one was under hospice, nursing,
or hospital care
  • Inform the facility that Ashes To Ashes will be the mortuary/funeral authorized to pick your loved one up.
  • An authorization form at the hospital/nursing facility will need to be signed by the next of kin.


Call us (833) 888 – 3323

If passing was an accidental death or at home
(not under hospice care)

Call 911 immediately

  • Be prepared to be questioned by authorities to determine if there was foul play.
  • Authorities will ask what time, where, and how your loved one was found.
  • The county coroner will have to give clearance before you are able authorize a mortuary to pick your loved one up.
  • Provide Ashes To Ashes information as your mortuary/funeral home you are authorizing to pick your loved one up.

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