2022 May

Why Is It Better to Opt For Cremation for a Loved One?

More and more Americans are choosing cremation as the final disposition for their family members, especially in the face of rising funeral costs. If you are considering cremation for a loved one, here are some of the key benefits of the process that make cremation services worth it. More Affordable When it comes to funerals…

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Direct Cremation: Is it the Best Choice for You Today?

You and your spouse (or significant other) are contemplating how you want your body and remains handled when you pass. You’ve clearly thought about this for some time and have decided that you want a direct cremation, but are still struggling with whether it’s a good idea. And this is because it can be a…

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FEMA Funeral Funding for Victims of COVID-19

With Deaths from COVID-19 increasing well past the One Million mark, many families and next of kin are wondering how they will cover Funeral Expenses. Funeral Expenses are often unexpected and with families across the nation suffering from the pandemic, money in the home is already stretched thin. In an article recently published on ABC…

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