Funeral Options to Choose from for a Cremated Loved One


Funeral Options to Choose from for a Cremated Loved One

Our time in this world is limited, so we must make the most of it and live a happy and fulfilling life. When our time comes, we will be bothering our loved ones for a final time because they will be grieving the wake must also be arranged. While most people choose to be buried, more and more people are choosing cremation.

Cremation is the process of using intense heat to reduce the human body to its basic elements, which are called cremains. A common misconception is that the process burns the body, but the heat accelerates the decomposition process that would occur naturally. However, the tricky part with cremation is choosing a funeral option because it’s not as straightforward as a burial. Regardless, the family of a deceased person who got them cremated can choose from any of the following:

Memorial Service

It may seem unconventional, but you can hold a memorial service for a cremated person just as you would if they’re in a casket. There’s little to no difference, and most funeral service is the same. Of course, the main difference lies in how the body is displayed. Instead of a casket, the cremated remains are in an urn. It’s also placed in a glass case on a table at the front of the room. The urn may be covered with a cloth or flowers.

Ash Scattering

Scattering the ashes of a cremated person is the most common funeral option. The family may choose to scatter the ashes in a favorite vacation spot of the deceased, in the ocean, or a forest. The family may also spread the ashes in the backyard of their home. There’s no right or wrong way to scatter ashes, and it’s entirely up to the family.

Burial, Graveside, or Entombment Service

Burial, graveside, and entombment are all terms used to describe a funeral service for a cremated person. The cremated remains are buried in the ground, and a headstone or marker is placed over the grave. A memorial service is held at the grave site, and the family is invited to attend and say a few words. The service is typically short and to the point, much like a standard funeral and casket burial.

Celebration of Life

It’s no secret that a death in the family is sad, so some families choose to forgo the traditional funeral in favor of a celebration of life. This service is less formal and more personal and celebrates the deceased person’s life rather than their death. The focus is on happy memories, and the tone is often light and upbeat.

There are many different ways to celebrate life, so there is no one right way to do it. Some families choose to have a party or gathering, while others may hold a more traditional memorial service. It’s up to the family to decide what type of service best suits their preferences.

Memorial Tree

For a more unconventional approach, your deceased loved one’s ashes can be used to grow a memorial tree. This is a living memorial that can be enjoyed for years to come, and it’s a way to keep your loved one’s memory alive in a tangible way.

If you’re interested in this option, you can purchase a memorial tree kit, which includes everything you need to get started. You’ll need to find a location for the tree, and then you can plant it and care for it like any other tree. As the tree grows, it will be a beautiful reminder of your loved one.


A cremated loved one’s ashes are a substantial part of their legacy, and you must find a respectful and meaningful way to deal with them. Many options are available, and the right one for you will depend on what you think is the best way to honor them. What matters is doing right by the deceased and ensuring their life will be remembered by everyone close to them.

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