2022 June

The Different Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One’s Ashes

It’s vital to explore all your options if you’re thinking of getting cremation services, whether it’s for you or a loved one. The phrase “final disposition” refers to the last resting location of the body. Choosing a permanent resting location for a person’s body is crucial, regardless of your options.  The body is decently buried…

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What Happens During Cremation: The Steps From Start to Finish

Death is an inevitable part of life. However, the best thing people can do is to celebrate their loved one’s life in a way that commemorates their existence. An excellent way to honor the dead is through the process of cremation. In the US alone, more than half of the Americans choose it as a…

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3 Tips To Plan A Smooth Funeral Or Memorial Service

More and more families and individuals today are choosing to be cremated when they pass. Unfortunately, this rise in popularity has also led to many misconceptions, one of the most prevalent ones being that cremation means there cannot be a funeral or memorial service. This, of course, is simply untrue. Such services are always an…

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3 Important Reasons Why People Choose Cremation Over Burial

Cremation is the most popular form of disposition in the United States, with more than 40 percent of the deceased cremated. That number is steadily growing, as cremation seems to be “catching on” with the American public. In recent years, the average funeral has become more costly than ever. With the growing popularity of cremation,…

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Dust to Dust: Debunking the Most Common Cremation Myths

Death is an event most families fail to discuss. As a result, some fail to pre-plan ahead of time. However, one of the best ways to celebrate one’s life is to have them cremated. Cremation is a process of burning the human remains to ashes. The process has been around for thousands of years, first…

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