Los Angeles Affordable Cremation Plans- Ashes to Ashes, Inc

One option. No hidden cost.

Simple Cremation

  • Services of a licensed funeral director
  • Pick-up and transportation into our care
  • Holding in a climate controlled facility
  • Completion and filing of the death certificate
  • Obtaining a county permit for disposition
  • Alternative cremation container
  • Private cremation
  • Temporary plastic container
  • Delivery of the urn and death certificates (within 25 miles)
  • 24/7 family care

Additional services - optional and only if applicable

Pacemaker Removal +$100

Removal of battery operated devices is required. Learn More

Weight >300 lbs +$300

Additional staff will be needed for removal and a specialized facility will be used for cremation.

Residence Removal +$100

Additional staff is needed for removal from a private residence versus a hospital or facility where staff is available to assist.

Death Certificate +$21

Per certified copy.  Learn More


Packing and Shipping (domestic) +$125

Urn shipped within the United States by USPS priority first class, insured, tracked and packaged securely.

I.D. View (1 Hour between 10am – 4pm) +$300

Reservation of chapel room for 1 hour and up to 30 people days prior to the cremation date.

Simple Witness Cremation +400

Reservation of the crematory to witness the cremation.

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