5 Important Reasons To Have a Viewing Before Cremation

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5 Important Reasons To Have a Viewing Before Cremation

Losing someone you love is never, ever easy. It is a tough and grueling moment of your life, filled with sadness, regret, and even anger. That’s why it is so vital for a person to undergo the proper process of grief, as to ensure that by the end of it all, the person can move on with life.

That being said, many people say that a viewing before cremation starts is important for this process. Why? Here are just a few:

  1. It Allows Loved Ones To Say Goodbye

One of the most important things about having a viewing before cremation is that it allows loved ones to say goodbye. This can be an incredibly healing experience, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected. It can also help to provide closure, which is so important in helping any individual focus on moving on.

  1. It Can Be a Celebration of Life

A viewing before cremation can also be a celebration of life. It’s a chance to remember all the good times and happy memories. This can be a very positive experience for everyone involved, as they also get to enjoy some form of closure as well.

  1. It Gives Loved Ones Time to Grieve

Grieving is an important part of the healing process. A viewing before cremation gives loved ones time to grieve and start to come to terms with their loss. This can be an invaluable experience that allows them to finally let go of what they’ve lost. Without such an experience, one’s mind may forever be stuck in the past, never finding the relief one needs.

  1. It Can Be an Opportunity To Say Final Words

For many people, a viewing before cremation is also a chance to say final words. It could be words they wished they’d said earlier, or it could be words that help bring peace to one’s mind. Regardless, this can be a very powerful experience and can help to provide closure.

  1. It Can Help With the Grieving Process

Apart from allowing one person to grieve, viewing a loved one before they are cremated can also help with the grieving process. It can be a chance to say goodbye, remember the good times, and start to come to terms with the loss. Essentially, seeing one’s loved one before the body gets cremated allows all of the above things we’ve mentioned to happen. This can signify to them the transition between life and death and allow them to come to terms with what had happened.


Death is inevitable, but although we know it will happen, we really cannot prepare for it. Once it happens, we may find ourselves stuck in the process of grief, and one can take a long time to undergo such a process without the proper help. As such, if your loved one has passed away, it is vital that viewing is set up before cremation. That way, you are given a chance to do whatever it is you need to do to accept what has happened. While you may feel scarred for life, especially after such a tragedy, it does allow you to find the closure you need to finally move on with your life and focus on what life has to offer.

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