Dust to Dust: Debunking the Most Common Cremation Myths


Dust to Dust: Debunking the Most Common Cremation Myths

Death is an event most families fail to discuss. As a result, some fail to pre-plan ahead of time. However, one of the best ways to celebrate one’s life is to have them cremated. Cremation is a process of burning the human remains to ashes.

The process has been around for thousands of years, first used in religious rituals and later to dispose of the dead. But despite being around for a long time, there are still speculations about cremation and how funeral homes perform it. Here are some cremation myths people spread around and the truth about them.

1. Cremation Produces Ashes

Cremation produces cremated, not ashes. People have been using the word ashes by practice, but it only refers to the remains of the human body made by cremation. They are produced by burning the human remains in crematoriums. After the burning process, the crematorium workers transfer the remains to special containers, which people call cremated remains.

2. Families Can Get Someone Else’s Ashes

While it is one of the most widespread cremation myths, it is also one of the most understandable. During a funeral, families hand over the remains to the funeral home, having to wait until they are returned in the form of cremated remains.

Because no one wants to keep the ashes at home and they’re not sure they get the right remains, many families worry they will get someone else’s ashes. The truth is when the funeral home receives a body, they perform a visual identification and only give back the correct cremated remains.

3. Most Religions Prohibit Cremation

Religious beliefs also contribute to widespread cremation myths. While it’s true that many religions disapprove of cremation, there are also several that permit it, at least in specific cases. One of the religions that allow cremation is Buddhism.

In Buddhism, cremation is a way of allowing the body to return to the Earth. Families keep the ashes in urns, but they’re a less critical part of the funeral. Additionally, Hinduism sees it as a way of creating the body and releasing it to the ark.

4. Cremation Means Setting the Body on Fire

Cremation is a process that uses heat to burn the remains over a certain period. However, the process doesn’t mean setting the body on fire. When the funeral home performs cremation, they use a machine to burn the body at a very high temperature. This way, they can reduce the body to ashes. They usually burn the human remains in a chamber, where they stay until they are turned into ashes.

5. People Can’t Scatter Ashes

One of the most common cremation myths concerns scattering ashes. Some burial grounds indeed forbid people to scatter ashes. However, more and more cemeteries are changing their rules to allow people to scatter ashes. Of course, most families choose to scatter ashes over lakes, rivers, or the ocean, which is not permitted in most cemeteries. Other families spread them over the burial grounds.


Cremation is an integral part of death. It’s a great way to honor loved ones. It also allows families to have the bodies disposed of more quickly. However, some cremation myths have gone around for years, which are entirely wrong.

The myths may have come from a lack of knowledge or the fear of death. However, funerals need to be performed in the right way to honor the deceased. Of course, cremation myths can be difficult to cope with, but at least now you know the truth behind them.

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