What Happens During Cremation: The Steps From Start to Finish


What Happens During Cremation: The Steps From Start to Finish

Death is an inevitable part of life. However, the best thing people can do is to celebrate their loved one’s life in a way that commemorates their existence. An excellent way to honor the dead is through the process of cremation. In the US alone, more than half of the Americans choose it as a traditional burial option. By 2035, the Natural Funeral Directors Associations estimate that at least 78 percent more Americans will choose cremation over other burial practices. But what happens during cremation? Here is a timeline of events.

1. Body Identification

The first thing that happens at the crematorium is body identification. Experts thoroughly examine the body to see if there is any form of identification as part of the standard process. Since cremation only happens after an official identification of the body, every cremation service provider should secure a chain of custody at its disposal when dealing with the remains.

2. Procedure Authorization

Choosing cremation over other burial services follows a set of legalities, asking the dead’s family members for authorization if funeral homes should continue turning their dead family member’s remains into ashes. Funeral homes should secure papers, permission, and authority to make the final arrangements before they can cremate the remains.

3. Prepping the Body

The body is never cremated immediately after the funeral. All crematoriums must allow the body to lie in repose for some time. Although the discretion to have a brief moment to come and pay their last respects to the dead loved one depends on the family, funeral homes should still give them enough time to grieve or prepare for the process. Prepping the body can also mean the time to remove the dead’s jewelry or other valuables their family members can keep.

4. Moving to the Cremation Chamber

Once the body is ready for cremation, funeral home employees will remove the body from the casket and place it on the transfer device. They use a device similar to a stretcher to ensure the deceased person is placed safely in the cremation chamber. The casket is then returned to the funeral home.

Once the body is lying on the transfer device, the funeral home personnel will place it in the cremation chamber. The cremation chamber is a large device made from thick steel built with a door on the front side that is used for transferring the body into the cremation chamber.

5. Finalizing the Remains

After the cremation process finishes, the funeral home personnel will check the chamber for metal remnants which could be from unremoved pins, screws, or joints inside the dead. Sometimes, the person used to have piercings or surgical procedures that needed a nail or two to solve. Most funeral homes use magnets to ensure they get every metal element in the pile of ashes in preparation for release.

6. Transferring the Ashes

After checking for unusual elements in the pile of ash, the personnel will soon place the remains in a container chosen by the family. Later, they will release the ashes to the family, which they can hold on to for a while, or place the urn in a columbarium for safekeeping.


Cremation is a burial tradition that has been existing for centuries. According to National Geographic, it is safer to cremate human remains than the usual practice of embalming and burying them in caskets. Overall, it is a complex process families can debate upon and choose for their fallen family member. But choosing cremation over other burial methods is a choice for the legacy of our dead.

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