Where Do Ashes Go After Cremation

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Where Do Ashes Go After Cremation

Dealing with your own or any family member’s mortality is tough. While planning for what happens to your remains after your passing can be morbid, doing so can help the people you leave behind by providing peace of mind. Whether you prefer traditional burial or cremation, it’s best to understand the pros and cons of both options.

What Are the Advantages of Cremation Over Traditional Burials?

The first advantage of cremation over traditional burials is cost. Generally, cremation is much cheaper than a traditional burial. This is because the cremation process does not require the purchase of a burial plot or casket, and the cost of cremation services is usually much lower than that of a traditional funeral. Additionally, if you choose to have your ashes scattered, there is no need for a grave marker or monument.

The second advantage of cremation over traditional burials is convenience. Cremation services are often much faster than traditional burials so that family members can begin the grieving process more quickly. Additionally, cremation allows for much more flexibility regarding where the remains can be placed. You can have your ashes scattered in a meaningful location or keep them in an urn at home. Cremation also allows the remains to be transported more quickly, so family members can keep them close if they wish.

Americans who prefer cremation to a traditional burial must decide on their preferred resting place. Here are three options for a final resting place for people who prefer cremation. 

1. A Memorial Garden

Memorial gardens are a beautiful and meaningful way to remember the life of a loved one. They provide a tranquil setting to remember and reflect on the deceased’s life. Whether you bury the cremation urn or place it in the garden, a memorial garden is a great option to create a special place to honor your loved one.

When creating a memorial garden, consider the location, plants, and flowers that will be included. Choose an easily accessible and peaceful place, and pick plants based on the deceased’s favorite colors or the season.

2. A Columbarium

Columbariums are a great way to honor the memory of a loved one. These structures are often found in churches and cemeteries, providing a permanent place to store cremation urns. The columbarium provides a peaceful place to reflect and remember the life of the loved one. It also offers a secure and dignified resting place for the cremated remains. The columbarium can be a comforting reminder that the deceased’s life is still being honored and remembered.

3. An Urn Vault

Urn vaults provide a safe and secure place to store cremation urns for long-term preservation. They are usually buried in the ground and feature a sealed chamber that helps to protect the urn from weather and other elements. 

Urn vaults provide many advantages over traditional methods of storing cremation urns. They are designed to provide a safe and secure place to store cremation urns, ensuring they are not damaged or destroyed over time. The vaults also help to protect the urns from theft or vandalism, as they are typically buried several feet below the surface.

4. A Scattering Garden

Scattering gardens are a particular type of garden designed for the purpose of scattering cremated remains. These gardens provide a beautiful and peaceful setting for loved ones to scatter the ashes of their loved ones. 

5. At Home

You can also choose to keep the cremation urn at home, either in a particular place or in a place of prominence. This is a great way to keep the memory of a loved one alive forever.


Choosing a final resting place for a cremation urn is a crucial decision you should make with care and consideration. It is essential to consider the deceased’s wishes and the feelings of their family and friends. No matter which option is picked, it is a way to honor and remember your loved one in a particular way.

If you need assistance in finding the right resting place for a cremation urn, we invite you to contact Ashes to Ashes Corporation today. Our team is experienced at providing cremation services in California. Call us today for more information on our services.


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