What is Direct Cremation?

What is Direct Cremation?

Many ask us what is direct cremation?

“Direct cremation” is the funeral industry verbiage for direct disposition without any services. It is also referred to as a simple cremation or a direct disposition. Learn Learn More

Direct cremation is an option where the body is cremated days immediately after death once all the required legal paperwork and permits are completed. There are no services or a viewing beforehand. Because direct cremation does not include any services, this is the most affordable option for disposition. Many of the costs from a traditional funeral home are avoided. Rather than a long arrangement process where it can take upwards of a couple of hours to plan, direct cremation arrangements take half the time of planning a traditional funeral service.

The body is cremated in an alternative container (made of fiberboard) versus an expensive wood casket. Since there are no services, this eliminates the option for embalming or other preparations such as dressing or cosmetics.

For those interested in direct cremation but want to have a service, we recommend planning a memorial service later after the cremation is complete. We found that many of the families we’ve assisted never thought of having a memorial service after the cremation. Traditionally and what we’ve always known, funeral or memorial services took place prior to a burial or cremation.

With the growing popularity of direct cremation, it can be difficult to find the right place. Almost every funeral establishment offers this as an option. One might be significantly less than the other, but do not sacrifice cost for proper care and service.

If you are pre-planning or experiencing a loss and are unsure of your options, whether it be a traditional funeral or direct cremation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you are not using our services, we’ll be happy to help! Contact us at (323) 644-3323.


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