Why Is It Better to Opt For Cremation for a Loved One?


Why Is It Better to Opt For Cremation for a Loved One?

More and more Americans are choosing cremation as the final disposition for their family members, especially in the face of rising funeral costs. If you are considering cremation for a loved one, here are some of the key benefits of the process that make cremation services worth it.

More Affordable

When it comes to funerals and burials, the cost of a funeral is often the crux of the matter. Cremation services are significantly more affordable than traditional burials or funerals, especially when considering the final disposition of the ashes. You can save some money by choosing a direct cremation option that does not require initial embalming or hiring a funeral director and embalmer.

Less Time-Consuming

Cremation services are often significantly faster when compared to standard burials, which can take weeks to prepare for a loved one’s burial. A cremation service for a loved one can take less than a week to prepare. Following cremation services, you can arrange to have the ashes prepared and secure a permanent resting place in a variety of ways. You can choose a secure burial container to secure the ashes or choose a scattering so that the ashes can be spread in a beautiful location.

A Cleaner Process

Cremation services are a much cleaner process than traditional burials. The body does not have to be prepared for burial, and there is also no embalming process for cremation services. This can result in a much cleaner and healthier environment for loved ones. You can also rest assured that the body is handled in a much more respectful way during cremation services, resulting in a dignified and respectful final disposition.

Does Not Take Up Space

If you are concerned about space, then cremation services are the way to go. Cremation services are significantly more compact than traditional burials, especially when considering the cremated remains. Cremated remains are typically stored in a small container, making them more compact and easier to keep.

No Gravesite Necessary

Remember, cremation services are a great alternative to traditional burials. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a grave plot or renting a grave with cremation services. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about buying a vault or a tombstone. Cremation services are usually a more affordable option, especially for loved ones that may have left you with a limited estate.

Allows “Green” Burials

Cremation services are also a great alternative to traditional burials because they provide the option of green burials. Green burials are a great way to be environmentally conscious and still commemorate a loved one properly. Green burials also have less impact on the Earth than traditional burials, which is a huge bonus.

No Long Service Needed

When you opt for cremation for a loved one, you don’t need to worry about a long service. In fact, most crematories offer visitation hours that are significantly shorter than traditional visitation hours.


Most families choose cremation services because they are less expensive and are a much cleaner and healthier process. When you choose cremation services, you can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with respect during the process.

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