How to Introduce the Concept of Cremation to Your Child

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How to Introduce the Concept of Cremation to Your Child

Death is an inevitable part of life. Eventually, the people in your family would reach their final moments. For a child, it could be an odd thing to understand. But it is also essential to let them know these things early. Doing so would open their minds early and make them understand situations better.

However, that is easier said than done. The concept of death and even cremation can be too complex for them to understand immediately. If you want or need to bring up that discussion soon, here are some tips to help you get started.

How to Explain Death to Younger Ones

Tip 1: Talk about a Familiar Death

There is no better way to talk about death than hearing the story of somebody they already know—or perhaps one they’ve seen in a movie or in a book. It is one of the most effective ways to interest them and give them an idea of what to expect.

Tip 2: Let Them Lead the Conversation

The conversation starts with the words that come from their lips. So, you must let them ask you whatever they want to know and answer them in ways they can understand. 

Tip 3: Tell Them about Life after Death

Tell your children about life after death if applicable to your religious beliefs. They might not understand it well, but it will always be handy in that situation. It could be a great answer if your child wonders if their dead loved ones would still be around.

Tip 4: Keep It Simple

There is no need to make things complicated. As much as possible, let them learn things one step at a time. In their case, death might be a difficult concept to grasp. So, you can tell them to use their imagination to understand.

Tip 5: Focus on the Positive Lessons 

Generally, a child would feel sad about the death of someone. But, it is essential to try to put in positive lessons to avoid that feeling. That could include the fact that they can positively live their lives and be remembered by doing so.

How to Tell Your Child about Cremation

Tip 1: Keep Calm and Use Simple Words

It is very important that you stay calm when talking about cremation to a child. Their minds would not have any perspective about death for a time. So, it would be best if you were straightforward about that. Tell them clearly and slowly about what would happen.

You can simplify it and tell them that the decedent’s body would be put into a warm room until they turn into ashes and are put into urns.

Tip 2: Validate Their Emotions

Even if you are not a parent, you would know that kids are very emotional. That would be even more apparent in a situation like this. It is vital to help them deal with their feelings.


Talking about death with a child is never easy, especially after a loved one has passed away. But, it is essential to do so. It is a good idea to talk with them to ease their minds, and it can help them with the grieving process.

Death is inevitable and an inevitable part of growing up. If done right, it will fascinate your children more than scare them. They would learn more about life, the facts of death, and in the case of cremation, even embrace it. So, if you have to bring up the topic, use these tips to make it easy for them to understand.

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