3 Things to Prepare for a Departed Loved One for Cremation


3 Things to Prepare for a Departed Loved One for Cremation

There are many things to prepare before a departed loved one’s cremation. Although the process is quick and easy, the events leading to the cremation day itself usually take time to accomplish. But what should families prepare for before a cremation? Here are some ideas.

1. Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is commonly held after a person’s death. It is a formal way to say goodbye to the loved one solemnly and peacefully. Family members participate by paying tribute to the deceased in whatever way they can. They may write a eulogy, make a speech or say a poem they’ve thought of.

But before a cremation, families must prepare for the service. The preparation includes purchasing a casket, choosing the clothes used, preparing a seating list, writing the eulogy, arranging the flower arrangements, hiring musicians or singers, and other related activities.

2. Picking an Urn

The urn is a container for keeping the ashes of a deceased. However, before cremation, you must choose the type of container you want your loved one’s ashes to be placed in. An urn can be an ornate casket, a simple jar, a container with a lid or many other items. Before a cremation, deciding on the type of urn you want before your loved one is cremated is best.

Picking an urn is not required, but it is an excellent way to hold the ashes. It’s a way to show respect to the deceased. Each person has their taste and preference when it comes to urns. Urns come in different materials, sizes and shapes. It’s up to the next of kin to find the one that is the best fit.

3. Choosing the Columbarium

A Columbarium contains the cremated remains of a deceased loved one. Like urns, columbariums are also a way to show respect to the dead and pay tribute. The choice of a columbarium is up to the family. The columbarium is usually placed in a memorial park where many loved ones can pay their final respects. Choosing a columbarium is an essential step in the preparation of a cremation.

Why Should Families Choose Cremation?

Cremation is a common practice in modern-day culture. In the US, it is the most preferred way to dispose of the dead. Families choose cremation because it can be affordable, convenient and less complicated than a traditional burial.

It is also the fastest and easiest way to get the deceased interred. Instead of digging a hole in the ground, families can spend the time mourning their loved one’s death and remembering the good times they had with them.

Cremation is also essential for the environment because it helps reduce land pollution. Many environmentalists believe land and water pollution due to burial grounds is intolerable. If a person is cremated, there is no need to dig a hole in the background, no need to purchase a casket, no need to use bricks and mortar, and no need to have an elaborate funeral arrangement.


There are many things to attend to before a person’s cremation. Many responsibilities lie on the shoulders of the families of the deceased. They must contact the funeral home, the crematory and other related people. However, ensuring the dead are well taken care of is the most important thing. If the deceased is a family member, give them a proper memorial to ensure a peaceful transition to the afterlife.

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