What is Direct Cremation?

Many ask us what is direct cremation? “Direct cremation” is the funeral industry verbiage for direct disposition without any services. It is also referred to as a simple cremation or a direct disposition. Learn Learn More Direct cremation is an option where the body is cremated days immediately after death once all the required legal…

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What is a pre-need funeral plan?

Many ask us is a pre-need funeral plan? A pre-need funeral plan is a funeral, or cremation, arrangement made months or years in advance.

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What is a Veterans Burial Benefit?

Many ask us what is a Veterans Burial Benefit?   Being veteran owned and operated, we are proud to honor the men and women who have served for this great nation. Those Veterans who are entitled to benefits are available only to them, and their immediate family. As a result, Los Angeles burial benefits are available…

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How to choose the right funeral home?

If you haven’t made prearrangements, having to choose the right funeral home when someone passes can be extremely difficult. You are tasked with making probably the hardest decision of your life up to this point and your emotions are everywhere. You don’t have time to shop around and 9 times out of 10, the first…

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