Letter to Families

To the Families and friends we have been honored to serve during this pandemic, we truly appreciate your patience and bravery.

This pandemic has been unprecedented and has taken a toll on the funeral industry creating unusual delays in what is otherwise a simple and straightforward process with Ashes to Ashes Corporation Inc. None of us has been untouched personally and we sincerely understand how difficult the pandemic has made the grieving and end-of-life process for everyone.

Thank you for your patience during this time and know that you and your loved one are very important to Ashes to Ashes Corporation Inc and our staff. As the new vaccines and drop in COVID cases bring hope for a return to a new normal, please be well and be safe. We are working to return to our typical, expedient service times as quickly as possible.

Again, our utmost condolences for your loss.

Ashes to Ashes Corporation Inc