One package. No hidden cost.

Simple Cremation Package


Services of a licensed funeral director

Pick-up and transportation into our care

Holding in a climate controlled facility

Completion and filing of the death certificate

Obtaining a county permit for disposition

Alternative cremation container

Private cremation

Temporary plastic urn

Delivery of the urn and death certificates (within 25 miles)

24/7 family care

(state fee, county fee and taxes included)

Additional services

(optional and only if applicable)

Residence Removal
Additional staff is needed for removal from a private residence versus a hospital or facility where staff is available to assist.


Weight >300 lbs
Additional staff will be needed for removal and a specialized facility will be used for cremation.


Pacemaker Removal
Removal of battery operated devices is required.


Simple Witness Cremation
Reservation of the crematory to witness the cremation.


Full Witness Cremation
Same day 1-hour I.D. view followed by a witness cremation.


No-Witness Scattering at Sea
Scattering of the ashes off the coast of Orange County conducted by our licensed Captain.


Packing and Shipping (domestic)
Urn shipped within the United States by USPS priority first class, insured, tracked and packaged securely.


Death Certificate
Per certified copy.