Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains

I/We hereby declare (my remains) or (the remains of)
in the possession of Funeral Home
and shall be disposed of in the following manner.

Primary Signature

Person(s) with legal right to control disposition to Self, if pre-arranging.

Additional Signatures (if applicable)

Person(s) with legal right to control disposition.
Contractor Info
Note 1: See Health & Safety Code Sections 7054, 7054.6, 7116, 7117 for legal dispositions of cremated remains.
Note 2: See Health & Safety Code Section 7100 for the list of person(s) with the legal right to control disposition of human remains.
IMPORTANT: Business and Professions Code § 7685.2(b) requires Funeral Establishments to complete this form, provided by the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, when making arrangements for cremation. Failure to complete this form may result in disciplinary action by the Bureau.
This declaration does not replace the written authorization to cremate required by Health and Safety Code Sections 7110 and 7111.
A person having the right to control disposition of cremated remains may remove the remains in a durable container from the place of cremation or interment, pursuant to Section 7054.6 of the Health and Safety Code.
If the cremated remains container cannot accommodate all cremated remains of the deceased, the crematory shall provide a larger cremated remains container at no additional cost, or place the excess in a second container that cannot easily come apart from the first, pursuant to Section 8345 of the Health and Safety Code.
California Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau